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Today's Athletes. Students. Professionals. Tomorrow's Leaders.

Where NCAA Athletes and Alumni Unite, Network and Make a Positive Impact Together.

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Keep Winning. Even After The Final Whistle.

Create a Personalized Social Network for Any Organization.


AI powered search, matching members based on profile details, while also offering steps to guide users into achieving their desired search.


Direct access to member information. Search and connect with alumni across generations and find new NCAA athletes and alums, with the added ability to save searches and build a personalized tether tree.


BaseTether’s tether function elevates user experience by providing a nuanced and customizable search feature, empowering individuals to forge meaningful connections and access tailored support within their desired geographical locations, industries, and specific areas of expertise.

Next Level Engagement.

Every athletes journey is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. BaseTether empowers NCAA Student-Athletes and Alumni to forge meaningful connections, network, and help navigate life after sport.

BaseTether simplifies the communication for student athletes and alumni, providing a user-friendly experience. It not only empowers them to seamlessly connect within their team and institution but also highlights the potent network effect, making inviting other members effortless.